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We - the current generation - have a moral responsibility to make the world better for future generations.

- Priscilla Chan 

At Calibre Capital we commit to ethical leadership and sustainable conduct.


Over the last decade, impact investing has gained prominence as an approach to investment that aims to achieve both financial returns and social or environmental goals.


Although we are not “impact investors”, we respect the role such a mandate could play in bettering of our world.


As such we are responsible investors.

We believe responsible investors can make a positive difference in society, whilst earning sound investment performance and enabling business growth.

As a responsible investor, we engage with our industry and investee companies privately, and sometimes publicly, on sustainability and ethical issues.

We encourage investments to have a positive direct and/or indirect socio-economic and environmental impact.


Our portfolio of investments are encouraged to reduce environmental burdens and enquire about their environmental policies periodically.


We do not condone any misuse or waste of natural resources.

Calibre Capital is a supporter and ambassador to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


As an example of certain risks we are willing to support in line with our citizenship:

An untypical investment made via an associate into an award-winning concept and technology, namely Emptytrips... 


We were inspired to support this pioneering idea from a female South African entrepreneur that boldly aimed to change a legacy-ridden industry, reduce inefficiencies, costs and environmental impact.


This multi-faceted commercially viable, yet environmentally focused AI platform aims to reduce wasted carbon emissions, road damage and costs of misused corporate fleet assets. More can be read about this venture here.







Our directors commit to providing effective leadership based on an ethical foundation.


Calibre Capital has put in place appropriate structures and processes to ensure that the business is conducted in an ethical manner, taking into account the impact of the organisation’s business on the economy, society, and the environment and balancing the interests of its diverse stakeholders.


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